Our Mission is to

Democratize Market Intelligence.

We’re our own customers. We never had 6 months or $50k to figure out our competitive landscape or understand how to launch new products. So we distilled our intel process into the essentials, and realized along the way that market research is largely inaccessible to anyone but billion dollar corporations. And we wanted to change that.

We’re making Market Intel More Accessible Than Ever

Purpose came from saying no to a thousand reasons for our company’s existence, so that we could say yes to the one that we want to concentrate on and be great at. It was obvious to us that there were some very real issues in the market research industry: big data dumps, high costs, long turnarounds, and they always stood in the way of a great customer experience. You deserve better than that, so we created Senex to democratize Market Intelligence. We think this is going to give a much wider audience the chance to do incredible things for their business.

We built Senex with one goal in mind

Democratize Market Intelligence

“What’s dangerous is deciding to have a purpose, but not changing anything you’re doing.” – JB Osborne

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