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Principal Software Engineer
Louisville, KY

In this role, you will be the chief architect and engineer of Senex’s data library. You’ll help to automate processes to further develop Senex’s suite of digital products and assist the research team in wielding big data sets to economically progress research projects.

Customer Success Manager
Louisville, KY

In this role, you will work with the Marketing, Sales, and Product Development teams to develop, progress, and ensure customer success and retention. You will need to be adaptive and excited to work in a startup environment where new challenges are presented every day.

Make a change

Senex was built to bring market intel down to earth, we are building something no one has ever seen before. You can’t change things in global conglomerates. You can here.

Democratize Market Intel

We pioneer ways to embrace big data to provide real-time business intelligence. Want to hop on the pirate ship? We’re hiring!

Join our team

We’ve got 40 years experience at every level and we’ve learned that people want to innovate but don’t want it bad enough to take a risk. That’s what we’re all about: pushing the limits.

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