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Product testing is traditionally a trade-off. To truly test your product concept, you would have to sacrifice quality or a lot of money. But the consumer market is moving faster than ever. Timelines are short, and budgets are tight. Product testing can’t afford 3 months and $50,000 anymore. The barriers to entry are crashing down. Move quicker than ever with Typ.

Typ caters to the swift, the innovative, the agile. We’ve distilled this process into the essentials: 10 questions. Typ will ask you about your product, and five days later, you’ll have a report in your hand for 95% less and in a fraction of the time with the essential data, context, and insight you need to make your move.

We’re making Market Intel More Accessible Than Ever

market intelligence startup tools

Get the Market Intel the most innovative companies get including:

  • Total Addressable Market (TAM)
  • Marketing and Sales Funnel
  • Product Appeal
  • Likelihood to Purchase
  • Social Media Breakdown (where your customers are)
  • Age/Gender Selection
  • Employment and Income Distribution
  • Product Attributes (how consumers rate your product based on 7 key indicators)
  • Distribution Channel Analysis
  • Product/Market Fit Strategy
  • Pricing Curve & Strategy (understand your conversions at various price points)
  • Test up to 2 products (A/B Testing)
  • Twice the amount of consumer input
  • Get benchmark sales numbers from competitors

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