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Having built my 30+year career in competitive, marketing and customer intelligence across a broad array of industries: building materials, consumer goods, industrial, retail, and financial services. Working with firms from the Fortune 50 to start-ups, on market intelligence, opportunity assessment and go-to-market strategies; and have consulted on business transformation based on timely insights from big data, analytics and intelligence outcomes.

Senex was founded as a professional service firm that specialized in Market Forecast Strategy. We opened our doors with the idea that multi-directional vantage points can lead to better strategic recommendations and competitive advantages that will support executives in their business planning efforts.

Our firm has continued to grow by expanding our core team, refining our global strategy, focusing our core service offerings, as well as developing multi-tiered analytical programs. These developments continue to sharpen Senex core capabilities by continuing our focus on utilizing evidence-based intelligence to point to the successful paths for our clients.

Looking forward to collaborating and supporting your efforts to drive your business to its next level.

Robert Tancula
CEO & Founder
Senex Inc.

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We built Senex with one goal in mind

Democratize Market Intelligence

“What’s dangerous is deciding to have a purpose, but not changing anything you’re doing.” – JB Osborne

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