How to Make a Product Concept Board

How to Make a Product Concept Board

How to Make a Product Concept Board 150 150 Senex Global

To create a Product Concept Board, you’re going to need three things:

  • A clearly defined, well-written product description
  • 2-4 Product Photos
  • Microsoft PowerPoint

We can help if you haven’t written a product description or don’t have any photography, but for now, we’re going to create this concept board for the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Some companies like to keep their brand off the board to ensure the product stands alone when being tested, which is what we’re doing in this example.

We will be using Powerpoint, because it’s the easiest to use and nearly everyone has access to it. You can use Word, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, whatever you’d like as long as you can export it into PNG or JPEG.

First thing we’ll do is go to Design > Customize > Slide Size and click “Custom Slide Size”

You’ll want your board to be either a perfect square or slightly taller than it is wide. We like to make them 12 x 12 inches. Then it’ll ask whether you’d like to maximize your content or ensure fit. This really doesn’t matter since we don’t have any content in it yet. If you’ve already got content in your slide, I’d recommend clicking “Ensure Fit” so your images don’t become pixelated.

Then we’ll paste in our best images. We suggest using at least two pictures, but no more than four. The screen can get crowded quickly, and sometimes putting too many photos can overwhelm rather than inform.

Next we’ll enter the product description and some value propositions. Altogether, you’ll want 1-2 large headers as value propositions, a couple photos, and a detailed product description.

Then can click File > Export > Create PDF or, you can click File > Save as > and click the dropdown and you’ll see many more options. Among them are PNG and JPEG.


Now we’ve got a product concept board with Product photos along with value propositions and descriptions and we’re ready to test it!

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