How to Write a Great Product Concept Description

How to Write a Great Product Concept Description

How to Write a Great Product Concept Description 150 150 Senex Global

Key Points for Skimmers:

  • Product Concept Descriptions are a key part of Product Concept Boards
  • Great product descriptions are simply strong value propositions
  • You only have a brief amount of time to convey your product’s features and benefits to the consumer
  • Try to keep blocks of text to a minimum, most people skim large blocks of text
    • Aim for 2-3 sentences at most per block of text
    • Stay away from technical jargon or any engineering terms
    • Use language that is familiar and resonates to your target consumers
  • Use a strong tag-line to capture attention for further reading into your product’s value propositions
Lively Concept Board

So, you need to test a product you’re planning to launch. But do you know what you are going to write in a way that will make the consumers behind the data understand exactly what your product is? Trying to convey the epitome of greatness that your product is can seem like a daunting task. Or maybe you think you have it down, either way we’re going to help you write your product concept description for any product testing, but especially for Typ.

First things first, great product concept descriptions are simply strong value propositions. The core function is to convince your potential consumer that this is the product for them, it is exactly what they need in their life. The problem is, you have all of 5 seconds to capture your consumers attention, so it needs to be:

  • Concise
  • Powerful
  • Provide all relevant details

The product description encompasses the functions of the product, the benefits, and general competitive advantage. All 3 components of the product description will be intertwined, thus making it hard to write just one component at a time. But after reviewing examples with strong emphasis on each of the 3 components, you should be able to weave your own product’s functionality, benefits, and competitive advantage into one AMAZING product description.

Husqvarna Product Concept Board
Solving an Issue

Probably the most obvious part of a product concept description is explaining what issue the product solves, its functionality. A fan cools the room down, a tomato chases off hunger, a razor leaves skin smooth and free of hair. However, it is not enough to simply state what your product does. Woven into the plain explanation of your product’s core functionality should be colorful language to incite emotion and discuss a problem the consumer may not have known they have.

Key Benefits

One of the most essential parts of a product description is the benefits. This is the true value proposition of the entire body of work. Benefits tie in functionality of product and comparison to the competition. This is your core WHY. Highlighting the positives around your product in a manner that resonates with your target audience and showcases the functionality and competitive advantage of your product is key to persuading your potential consumer that this product is for them.

Better than the Competition

The last major component is the proof that this product is better than the rest on the market, the competitive advantage. Sounds fairly simple, you wouldn’t have created your product if you didn’t believe it was superior in some way. However, you need to convince your audience of that. It doesn’t have to be a direct call out against any competing product, it can be as simple as “10x faster” or “more support than ever before.” Just a simple tease on why your product should be selected over any other in its category.

Bring It All Together

Now to tie this all together. Once you’ve brainstormed different phrases that cover each of the three components, you can start to weave them together so that the melding of functionality, benefits, and competitive advantage of your product is one cohesive story that entices your audience.

Tempur-Sealy Product Concept Board

Some tips to make your product concept description polished:

  • Focus on your target audience and use language that resonates with them
  • Use light emphasis on important elements of your description
  • Ensure product concept description matches your brand standards


Good luck and happy writing!

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