Better Intel for Disruptors

Backed by 30 years of firepower and a refreshed take on how businesses grow, we’ve built Senex to democratize market intelligence and give you the tools to harness the world’s data.

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New Product Innovation

What should your product be priced at? What is pricing in your category?

Expanding a product line or launching into an entirely new market, we provide the visibility you need. Find out what features and benefits resonate most with your target customers, and how much they’re willing to pay.

Product Distribution Strategy

Get insight into direct-to-consumer and omni-channel distribution to uncover ways to drive growth.

Market & Segment Forecasting

Is the segment, market, channel growing? Will that trend continue? Senex provides the answers to increasingly dynamic markets.

Market Share

Everyone’s facing fierce competition from other similar products, from the very retail partners sworn to help you sell and from other retailers and online merchants looking to grow their business. Sales growth doesn’t always mean share growth.

Opportunity Assessment

Looking for ways to expand? We’ve helped launch startups with shoestring budgets, and guided some of the world’s biggest brands as they’ve entered new categories.

Competitive Analysis

Uncover competitors’ sales, strengths, and weaknesses, identify white spaces, and understand your market like never before.

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