End-to-End Market Insights for Building Product Manufacturers

Increase sales and productivity by focusing on the go-to-market plays with the highest probability for success. Senex Global provides product, sales and marketing executives with a full view of the market from manufacturer shipments to final installation location.

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The Challenge

Product, sales and marketing executives want a full view of the market from manufacturer shipments to final installation location
Inability to have a full view of the market creates blind spots and unrealized market potential
Economy is slowing and leaders are being asked to do more with less
Market is shifting from overwhelming demand to insufficient demand, creating greater competition

The Solution

Senex provides you with end-to-end mapping of your products and your markets
Powered by data from:
1. Mapped Market Sizes
Using our county-level market forecasts, we mapped Total Available Markets in units and revenues, and by each product category. Combined client’s sales into these areas to calculate market shares.
2. Created Distributions of Shares & Sizes
Calculated distributions of market shares and market sizes. This allowed for easier analysis of low to high share areas and small to large markets.
3. Segment Markets
Based on distributions of market shares & market sizes each geography put into a segment.
4. Overlaid Dealers & Their Sales
Layered in dealer locations along with client’s sales to highlight who to work with in target areas
5. Prioritize Investment & Growth
Each dealer is assessed for contribution to growth goals. Marketing & Sales resources can now be efficiently focused on the right opportunities.

Why Senex is Different

Save money and time with a single vendor solution and custom insights
Understand where and why you are winning/losing and where to grow
Predict sales trends by market, distribution & customer segments
Track market changes and beat the competition to the punch
Increase sales and margins with more impactful resource allocation